October 19, 2015—The Private Exchange Coalition (PEC) is thrilled to announce  Quadrant 4 Systems (Q4) as a new member of the PEC. Quadrant 4 is a Vertical Cloud Platform company offering state-of-the-art Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions in health care, media, and education. They specifically provide benefits administration and private exchange solutions by bringing stakeholders, vendors, partners, and users together into an organized system. Their highly scalable vertical cloud platforms coupled with their global professional services organization provides clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

President of Q4, Robert Steele, affirmed, “Quadrant 4 is excited to join the Private Exchange Coalition. Each participating organization possesses a desire to see the Affordable Care Act work for all stakeholders. We are thankful to Leavitt Partners for helping lead this charge and look forward to identifying best practices to our industry through the PEC.”

John Fiacco, CEO and Co-founder of ConnectedHealth said, “I’ve known Robert for a number of years and think highly of him and the innovative work he is doing at Q4. I believe he’ll bring a great perspective to the PEC.”

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About the PEC

The Private Exchange Coalition (PEC) is the premier industry association for organizations affiliated with private exchanges. The coalition seeks to increase awareness of private exchanges and the innovative capabilities they provide for improving the selection, administration, and use of employee benefits while promoting shared industry standards and best practices.

If you would like more information about the PEC or how your organization can join, please contact Dan.Schuyler@leavittpartners.com